Su Yu-Xin’s (b. 1991) painting and other practices focuses on the relationships between visual language and other sensorial perceptions. Rather than painting from images or photography, Su’s work often tends to explore the complexity of a moment or a vague perception in life.

Su uses painting to construct a delicate alternation of horizons, which varying distances elicit different paces of observation. The colourful layered surface and multi-perspectives in her works generate a dynamic vision within each painting. Su’s paintings study how different rhythms, and fundamentally, the fluidity of human experience can operate and be stored inside a still imagery.
In her practice, landscape is an in-between place, a traditional frontalityin painting, which allows the artist to switch between figuration and abstraction, investigating the concept of new landscape- a mixture of still-life, graphs, digital calendar, fragments of text and memory. The landscape she is depicting is a field of hybrid vision and a contemporary impressionism that was never seen before this age.
Su holds a MFA in Fine Arts from Slade School of Fine Art UCL. She works between Shanghai and Taipei.

Sep.2014 – July. 2016   Slade School of Fine Art, UCL , MFA Painting
Sep.2013 – Feb.2014    Taipei National University of The Arts (TNUA) , MFA, Painting
Sep.2009 – Jun.2013    Taipei National University of The Arts (TNUA) , BFA, Major in Chinese Painting

2018    Taiwan Biennial- Wild Rhizome, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung.

2018     Building Code Violation III, Special Economic Zone, Long March Space, Beijing
2018    A World in a Grain of Sand: Mapping Shapes and Sites for Social Deometries Atlantis Fosun Foundation, Sanya

2017     2017 Art Basel, Long March Space, Basel.
2016     Trembling Surfaces, Long March space, Beijing.
2016     Future Island, Saatchi Gallery, London.
2016     2016 Slade Degree Show, UCL, London.
2016     Refuse: Refuge: Re-fuse, The Koppel Project, London.
2016     Small press project, University of College London, London.
2015      2015 Slade Interim show, UCL, Slade School of Fine Art, London.
2014      Flash Stars, ARTDOOR Gallery ,Taipei.

2013     The Sorry Scenery Su, Yu-Xin Solo Exhibition, ARTDOOR Gallery,Taipei

2013     The Opening Stage: New Artists Funding Program, The Ministry of Culture, Taiwan

2016     Artist lecture “Wet thought on dry images” at Taipei National University of Fine Arts, Taipei.
2016     In Conversation with Baroness Helena Kennedy, The Koppel Project, London

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