Su Yu-Xin (b. 1991 Taiwan) considers painting as a place where multiple disciplines and various perceptual capacities intersect. Painters have always played a vital role in the visual art industry, and the medium of painting reflects the discovery and re-invention of the material world. Hence, paintings bear witness to the history of the exchange between cultures and nature and project the painter's role through wars and migrations; they manifest territorial invasions, restitutions, the exploitation of pigments and their trades. While the history of painting often emphasizes the stylistic evolution of image production, the technology of color pigments also evolves contemporaneously.

Su Yu-Xin collects, studies, and processes these color substances scattered on the earth's crust. From there, she invents a new order on the painting surface through drawing, compression, and accumulation. For her, such landscape painting is a geological practice of rearranging plants, minerals, organic and synthetic matters.

She now lives and works in Los Angeles California, but gathers colors wherever she sees them.