Half Ocean Half Flame

The title of the work 'Half Ocean Half Flame' is adapted from a romance novel by Chinese novelist Wang Shuo. The novel was published in 2000 before a movie adaptation in 2008.
The hand-bound booklet was made from large sheets of paper which have been printed on both sides with a colour gradient slowly changing from blue to red.    


The artist has imprinted a few circle marks on the four corners of both sides of the paper before the print was cut into pages. After the pages were bound, the artist found these pre-made marks in random pages, then re-coloured them by mixing blue and red (the same paints used to create the print). The book kept the same title as the source work, but traveled through a different art media, then was named by different artist. Same elements of the colours, applied in different times, pined down different score of time, telling different stories which sometimes seem to be very similar.

  Half Ocean Half Flame, Screen print, acrylic on paper,21x14x111.5cm, 2016

同一個作品標題,在不同作者的描述下、不同形式媒材之間轉變樣貌 ; 同樣兩個原色,以不同方式混合、在不同時間點落在紙上。紅色想模仿火、青色試著象徵水,不完美的再現與敘事,項藝術家最後裁調製的記號的顏色,總和原來的紙頁顏色有一些落差。

Su Yuxin all rights reserved 2017