The hand-bound booklet 'Fireplace' was made from big sheet of papers which have been printed both sides with a large gradient colour. The work is about the fragmental quality that inherent investigates the possibility of book being a timebase medium which the timebase was built up by book maker and readers. Every page takes part whole changing but it would be too subtle to notice the changing while reading the single page. The only hint of that is the surface of thebook which was accumulated by the thickness of paper and sprayed a coat of gradient colour that is exactly the same to the original large paper.Su Yu-Xin has been investigating how thoroughly the fragmental quality inherent in our perception when we perceiving the world through the form of reading andmaking the images.  


作品由雙面印有漸變色的大張紙張依序裁開後,由手工裝訂成冊。當閱讀單一書頁,紙頁上的色彩轉換差異之細微讓人幾乎無法意識到身處一個巨大的顏色轉換之中,然而因上百張紙頁的厚度堆疊而出的書側,卻成為了想像與返回裁切之前,紙張完整樣貌的唯一的線索。平面的影像以利落迅速的絹印技術生產,而後又在緩慢的裝禎成冊後成了一件乘載六個平面的立體物件。藝術家探索線裝書作為一個具有時間軸的媒介,其時間軸卻因同時由製書者與讀者同時建構而保有不確定性:沒有一次的閱讀是完全相同的 - 不變的物件擁有能重複給出新的訊息的能力 ; 這是一種在向前地創造嶄新感知內容的同時,也向後遺忘自身誕身所攜帶的真實面貌的雙向運動。也許在時間流之中如此完成自己的,不僅僅是一次閱讀經驗、一個場所又或是任何一個時間載體物件而已,而是人本身- 從未有一秒停止改變與遺忘。

                                                                                                       FireplaceScreen print, acrylic on paper, 14x6x19cm, 2015

Su Yuxin all rights reserved 2017