Eternity And A Day

近似四公尺長漸層軸狀數位印刷上被依序裁開,以裸露書脊的形式縫製成書。捲軸的其中一個長邊在印刷時被安置了約半公分寬,承載了和其他面積完全相同,漸變順序卻相反的色條,裁開裝訂之後,爬在書頁邊緣的色條每幾頁便才出現。當翻開起初幾頁的墨綠色書頁,狹窄的粉紅色塊偶爾現身,彷彿一個正常時間的進程下,想望尚未發生的未來 ; 或不合時宜地倒敘已經存在過的。在故事開始時,鮭魚皮膚一樣的的粉色那般不甚相干卻甜美地點綴了一片深沈的墨綠書頁,當書頁進行到中間,一片灰綠色中出現的粉紅色的影子顯得不是那樣陌生了。
僅僅是對折而已:書本的形式極其古老與簡單,藝術家試圖在這個結構中再次探索線性時間可以擁有的未知與詩意:我們早已熟悉的東西竟不斷給出新的驚喜 ; 曾經完全陌生的偶然,在時間進程中,以預言的姿態再次回返到敘事中。既然指數增長函數證明,重複對折一張A4紙42次就能得到抵達月球的高度 ; 沒準將永遠反覆對裁,某一個時刻它就成了一天,捧在手上也不是太沉了。


The book was bound from the pages that was cut from a three and a half meterslarge paper roll which had been printed double sides with the image of colourgently changing from the dark slate gray into fresh peach tones. On the one sideof the paper roll, artist have arranged a thin colour stripe that is holding the samecolour bit the contrast order as another part of the paper. After the paper was cut in to pages and divided into several sections, the contrast colour stripe will only show up every few pages. It became a premonition of itself, flashing back once in a while, knowing its own journey as the story just started.
It is too subtle to tell that the single page is the part of the big changing, the onlyhint of the process of become is the sides of the book which was accumulatedinto a surface by the papers.As the exponential growth theory tells us just by folding the paper in haf for 42 times, the thickness we get could get us to the moon. There is a hazily beautifulspace between reasoning the theory and make it happen, which also exists inbetween the pages. If I kept folding back the eternity, will it turn into a size ofa day?

  Eternity And A Day, Digital print on paper, thread, glue, 13.5x10x21cm, 2015

Su Yuxin all rights reserved 2017