Installation view of the series " Everyday about this time" in the exhibition "Almost no memory"

Installation view at the exhibition “ Almost No Memory”
From left to right: Almost no memory, Stream folds #6, Crescendo, Drowning moon



           Left: A slow turning, 2018, 18x26cmx 6pieces , Acrylic and Oil on panels, 18x26cm x 6pieces
          Right: Stream folds, Crossing the Sunset Valley, 2018, 240x160cm, Acrylic and Oil on Flax                

Stream Folds, On the Edge of a Forest,
2018,  240x160cm, Acrylic and Oil on Flax







Weather plate#1-6,
2018, 25x25x4.5cm,
Acrylic and Oil on 

Fallen tree into three, 2017, 190x190cm, Oil and acrylic on canvas.           Flat rainbow, 2017, 35x45cm, , Oil and acrylic on panel.

                                                                     Emotional laubor, 2018, dimensions variable, over head projector, prints on vinyl

                                                                      Terrain without gravity, 2017, 300x170cm, Oil and acrylic on canvas.
                                                             Wind knot, 2016, 18x26cmx 2 pieces, Oil and acrylic on panels.

                Left: Island, 2016, 190x190cm, oil and acylic on canvas.  Right: Sailing knot#2, 2017, 190x150cm, oil and acrylic on canvas                                                                                                                      Sculpture courtesy of artist Will Kippax




 Left: Arrivals, 2017, 35x50cm, oil on panel. Right:Departures, 2017, 35x50cm, oil on panel.

                                      Duration #3, 2015, 50X35x1.2cm, oil on canvas


                                                                                                                                  Triple stills, 2017, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 160x100cm


                                                                                                         Dry pool, 2017, 35x50cm, acrylic on panel
                                                                                                                            Writes and wrote, 2017, 35x45cm, oil and acrylic on panel                                                                                                           



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